Gaming Summit 2019 – Prag

Gaming Summit 2019 – Prag

Wir fühlen uns geehrt mit Martin Stöfler zur Podiumsdiskussion beim Gaming Summit in Prag etwas beitragen zu dürfen. Der Kongress wird am 12. März 2019 und es stehen schon einige sehr interessante Themen und Vortragende am Programm.

Safe Gambling – IT security and AML / KYC

”Safe Gambling” is a new term used in the industry and is a possible replacer for the notion ”responsible gambling”. While the responsible gambling focuses on studying and fighting the negative effects of excessive gambling practice, the broader concept of ”safe gambling”, also contains the prevention area. IT security, compliance is also a huge aspect of the term.

„Even from its inaugural edition in 2017, Prague Gaming Summit has been considered as the leading event in the region which offers a priceless opportunity for local and international operators to get together yearly to network and learn. The conference has recorded considerable growth during the 2018 edition and will continue to bring the quality platform with which usual delegates have already gotten used too. The summit is organized yearly in March. The official website is


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