IT-SECX 2019: OSINT Application for the 4th Power

IT-SECX 2019: OSINT Application for the 4th Power


At this year’s IT-SECX at the FH St. Pölten on 08.11.2019 Bernhard will give an insight into the possibilities and benefits of Open Source Intelligence tools in the field of journalism.

The talk will highlight the suitability and possibility of mechanisms and tools, which are mainly used in OSINT or in the information gathering phase of penetration tests, to obtain information in the field of politics, to link these with each other and to gain insights. Above all, the potential to support the 4th power of our democracy, namely the media and journalists, in creating objective transparency in the field of politics is presented. In doing so, usable tools and techniques, areas of application and initial results will be presented.

We hope to welcome you as numerous as possible!


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