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Information Security

From conducting in-depth assessments of your information systems to providing insightful advisory services on security best practices, our dedicated team is committed to supporting you comprehensively. We excel in identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities, working collaboratively to establish robust information security measures that safeguard your organization’s most valuable assets. Our approach is rooted in knowledge, trustworthiness, and responsiveness. By staying ahead of emerging threats and industry trends, we ensure that your security posture remains resilient in the face of evolving challenges. Partner with us to fortify your defenses and empower your business with the confidence to navigate the digital landscape securely.


You want to deploy new features or set up new products but need somebody to help with securing the architecture? Our team has experience in a vast range of fields ranging from the Internet of Things (IoT) to Cloud security and IT security governance. Our experts tailor solutions to fit your business needs reaching back on over 45 years of combined security know-how of the management team including hands-on experience effectively making IT security easy and efficient for your business.

Risk Management

Our experts will help you from start to finish. It doesn’t matter if you already have an Enterprise Risk Management program and just need a fresh set of eyes on it, or if you’re starting from scratch. We will guide and support you from the initial Asset Discovery all the way to implementing your Risk Mitigation Plan.

Security Architecture Review

Let our experts examine your security architecture in order to identify deficiencies and improvements. We provide you with an independent agnostic view of the security architecture throughout your products and business. Our guidance will be useful at any time to your business be it during the design, development or production phase.

Security Gap Analysis

IT security in today’s digital age is one of the core pillars in protecting ones most valued assets be it people, information, services, communication, or any other digital or physical asset. Let our experts assist with identification of your gaps and effectively strengthen your security controls by eliminating the deficiencies.

Product Evaluation

Choosing the right security solution for your organization can be a time consuming and complex job. We at OSM Solutions use our expert know how to support making the best choice. It is our job to keep up with industry trends and best practices which will help you make the right decisions.

IT Security Consulting

Every member at OSM Solutions has more than 15 years of IT security experience. All of our team members are accredited security professionals having worked for companies ranging from small to enterprise in size giving our team the unique ability to identify the right tool, process or direction in addressing your security needs.

Security Trainings

Need help in understanding the importance of IT security, let our experts provide you with an efficient and proven security training plan. We help you to understand the importance of security training with easy to understand real-life examples including the consequence of not following security best practices.


We assess your information systems to identify threats to your assets and advise on how to manage the identified risks, or just support you securing your new product. Security assessments are ideally completed before deploying new features or products, to ensure that it is protected against emerging threats. Our assessments consist of modules such as conventional penetration tests of infrastructure, applications, process maturity reviews (e.g. security incident handling) and social engineering checks like phishing simulations. Our focus is on modern technology stacks and services but we also have experience in assessing legacy banking or industrial control systems.

Penetration Test

Simulate a targeted hacker attack to identify the weak spots in your IT environment before others do. Our Penetration Tests are conducted by experts in the field instead of relying on automated scanning and outsourced staff.

Application Security Test

Have your in-house or externally developed applications checked for security flaws by the experts. From SQL Injection to Business Logic in Web Applications to insecure storage of sensitive data in mobile apps.

Vulnerability Scan

Let us run your vulnerability scans to ensure your IT is patched up and configured securely at all times. This is a fully managed service for regular scanning and reporting, no need to buy any licenses or hardware.

ICS / IoT Penetration Test

We are experienced in testing industrial components and IoT technology, all the way down to the hardware interface level. We review your IoT products security, from architecture to implementation.

Source Code Review

Need help with secure coding and design to protect the data valuable to your business? From implementing a Secure Development Lifecycle and Secure Coding Training to automated and manual source code analysis, we can support from start to finish.

Social Engineering Test

Testing the human aspect of information security, for example by running a phishing simulation can be helpful to raise awareness of staff or validate the efficiency of the security awareness program. This element can also be combined with a traditional penetration test.

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