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PICANTE Tech Conference Europe - Martin

PICANTE Tech Conference Europe

One of our co-founders Martin Stöfler was invited to give a lecture at the PICANTE Tech Conference Europe on the dangers and challenges in the IoT area. In addition to OSM Solutions, a number of other companies were represented with innovative solutions from the Augmented Reality, Blockchain, AI, Fintech and Privacy fields. A big compliment…
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Libreelec and passwd

Raspberry Pi Distro’s Root Login

Have you ever set up a Raspberry Pi using one of the popular Linux distributions like Raspbian or LibreELEC and worried about adding a potentially insecure device into your home network? We’ve seen dozens of cases were IoT devices were more of a use to criminals (e.g. as part of a botnet attacking other systems)…
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Security is guaranteed

IP Camera Security Horror

Would you like to buy a nice (and cheap) wireless surveillance camera to monitor your entrance or other areas of your property? That was exactly what I wanted and after doing some research I found hundreds of offers for wireless cameras with Wi-Fi, SD-Card Storage, Pan & Tilt functionality and much more between 20 and…
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